“The Last Exorcism” Rev. Says Chilling “Banana-Bread” Sermon Has Cult Appeal

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The actor who plays the minister called to perform an exorcism on a young girl in "The Last Exorcism" said his chilling so-called "banana-bread" sermon has developed its own cult following.

Patrick Fabian, who plays Rev. Cotton Marcus, said the sermon sequence developed when film director Daniel Stamm told him he wanted the fevered extras playing church parishioners in the scene to feel effected: "We want you to get these people in such a state that you can say anything, like a recipe," Stamm reportedly told Fabian.

"And I thought, why not banana bread?" Fabian revealed to PopcornBiz. "And we went right back in and shot it straight up. It was a wonderful moment of magic that thing." 

In fact, he's already being asked to recreate the scene at appearances after the movie hit a surprise $20 million in its US opening weekend. It started when Fabian opened the film in front of a packed house at London's 1,600 Odeon Leicester Square theater.

"During the Q and A, some guy up in the rafters shouted out, 'I wonder if Rev. Cotton would honor us with a little banana bread sermon right now!' " Fabian said. "Talk about a gift."

Fabian was more than happy to oblige with the speech in London and doesn't mind if it becomes a constant trend. Within limits of course.

"If I'm doing the banana bread sermon on the borscht belt circuit, then we have some problems."

And the acting veteran is pretty game for anything that comes his way with the movie's instant notoriety.

"As soon as they see the monkey will dance, look out," says Fabian. "All of a sudden its, do this, do an exorcism. I'm just waiting for the first host of a talk show to say, 'I've got the devil in me what can you do about it?' "

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