How Pixar Goes To Infinity and Beyond Every Time

Another week, another 58 million accolades for "Toy Story 3." This on top of the Oscar success of "Up,"  which came on top of "WALL-E" before that.

It goes on and on.

PopcornBiz asked director Lee Unkrich about the remarkable success of the Pixar -- a company that has never had a movie flop on its hands. He said Pixar's unwillingness to spread itself too thin is one big reason for the success.

"At Pixar, we focus on one project at a time," says Unkrich. " I have thought about nothing for the last four years other than making this 'Toy Story.' "

"I have lived it, ate and sleeped it and breathed it," he adds. "That doesn't happen a lot in Hollywood."

In fact, with the exception of movie icons like Woody Allen, most Hollywood directors have several projects going on at any one time, each in different phases of completion.

"You don't know what your next project is going to be. So you have to shepherd a lot of different projects,"  says Unkrich of the Hollywood norm. "I would think that lack of attention to focus to any one can lead to compromise." And missteps that Pixar avoids.

Every second is pored over for humor and heart. That's why "Toy Story 3" is ruling the box office for another week and will live on as a classic film from a classic series.

Of course, when you are at the bottom of that mountain that is a project like a Pixar film, you might need a rest before you take the next one on. When Unkrich was asked his next endeavor would be, he responded: "I'm going to take a vacation."

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