Posterize: “Snow White,” “We Bought a Zoo,” “Carnage” & More

"Snow White," "We Bought a Zoo," "Carnage" & the rest of the past week's new posters.

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We Bought a Zoo
nAny time your poster brings to mind "Racing Stripes," you've made a terrible mistake, this on compounded by the fact that "Zoo," is an adult drama starring Matt Damon as a widower who rehabs his family by rehabbing a zoo, and marks the return of writer-director Cameron Crowe. Opens Dec. 23, watch the trailer.
nRalph Fiennes, on the other hand, makes no mistake in letting you know his Shakespearean general is a bloodied warrior—with a creep mother lurking behind him. Opens Jan. 20, watch the trailer.
nThis one is a bit of a yawner, but it least it shows you the film's stars and has a tagline—" A Comedy of No Manners"—that's gives you an idea of what's in store. . Opens Dec. 16, watch the trailer.
The Flowers of War
nAnother swing and a miss. As much as we like the image, it gives us no idea that the film is about the Rape of Nanking, and barely calls out Christian Bales name. Opens Dec. 16, watch the trailer.
nA film about a pro hockey thug doesn’t really require a lot of nuance, but this gets it right. It's not revolutionary, but at least they didn’t screw it up by trying something cute. Watch the trailer.
Think Like a Man
nBased on Steve Harvey's book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man," the film stars Gabrielle Union, Romany Malco, Michael Ealy and, Chris Brown and Jerry "Turtle" Ferrara, in a story about a romance expert who can't keep his own love life in order.
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
nReally? They made a sequel? The Rock, we're sure, is happy to revisit this one, but we're wondering in Josh Hutcherson is the first actor to regret signing a multi-picture deal. Opens Feb. 10.
Beauty and the Beast
nFrom the If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It wing comes this poster for the 3D re-release of the Disney classic. If the "The Lion King in 3D" is any indication, this will be huge.. Opens Jan. 13, watch the trailer.
Snow White and the Huntsman
nThese character posters are victims of their own genre—all they're mean to do is give us a good look at the stars in costume, and that's about all these deliver. We have to admit, though, were a little embarrassed by how much we liked the trailer. Opens June 1, watch the trailer.
For his next movie, Chris Hemsworth might want to avoid anything that makes him swing an axe or a hammer.
Another look at Kristen Stewart, sans armor.
Anyone else have the sneaking suspicion Charlize Theron is going to tear up the Evil Queen role?
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