Producer Scouts: Midtown Outdoor Eats and Drinks

Ah, summertime in New York City! It's a time of shirts clinging to sweaty backs, soaring electrical bills, and general humid discomfort. Anyone who has survived a New York City summer knows that it's the absolute worst time of year to be in the city (until winter comes back, which in turn, will then become the worst time of year to be in the city). And while global warming makes it impossible to do anything but sit naked in front of your AC Unit, if you still need to beat the heat and get a little tipsy while doing it, just head to midtown.

The area between 8th and 9th on 49th holds the New World Stages, where some of the best off-Broadway entertainment can be found. However, this area of Manhattan also offers two of the area's more popular outdoor drinking spots, Mother Burger and Blockheads.  
While seating at either of these places can be a bloodbath (there's no waiting list, so it's first come first serve. Factor in the heat, and you might get a Shakespeare in the Park version of the Hunger Games), if you manage to snag a spot you'll be in for boozy treat.
The name of the game is Frozen Margarita. The most bang for your buck is in the Mexican Bulldog, an untraditional version of a Margarita if I've ever seen one--this will have you drinking a frozen margarita with a Corona beer shoved in the top. After a few of these, you'll be forgetting the heat, as well as how to get home.  
If you want have a little food with your drinks (which probably isn't a bad idea), both restaurants have plenty to offer. If you're more in the mood for straighforward American fare, Mother Burger is your spot. However, if you're looking for something with a little Latin flair, just stroll past the fountain to Blockheads, which provides generous portions of all your favorite Mexican-American staples.  
329 W. 49th Street
322 West 50th Street
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