Rare Snake That Grows Over 8 Feet Found in Alabama for Only 2nd Time in 60+ Years

The Eastern indigo found in the Conecuh National Forest is part of a breeding program to reintroduce the species back into the state, officials say

Eastern Indigo Snake
Getty Images

A rare snake slithered its way back home to Alabama, state officials said.

Last week’s discovery in the Conecuh National Forest marks only the second time in more than 60 years a wild-born Eastern indigo snake was spotted in the state, according to a statement from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Finding the juvenile snake means efforts started in 2006 by wildlife officials to reintroduce the federally protected species back to Alabama are working, according to the department's division of wildlife and freshwater fisheries.

During the onset of the initiative, the released snakes were bred from indigos that were captured in the wild in Georgia. "The goal is to release a total of 300 snakes over the years to improve the chances of establishing a viable population,” the statement said.

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