Extra Shoots Are the Thing Pushing Back “The Thing”

When word broke yesterday that "The Thing" was getting pushed back, we tried to tell ourselves that it was just a bit of marketing maneuvering. No such luck.

Marc Abraham, one of the film's producers, explained to Drew McWeeny at HitFix that the film is undergoing additional shoots and that Universal Studios wanted to give director Matthijs van Hijningen Jr. the time necessary to make a film that everyone would be happy with.

Well, yes, of course. As huge fans of John Carpenter's 1982 version and the 1954 original, we want them to get it right, too, but we have to admit to being more than a little concerned. 

With Liz Winstead and Joel Edgerton starring, and Hijningen directing, it seemed they were off to a good start and we were looking forward to the film's Apirl 29 release. But now that date has been bequeathed to "Fast Five"--the latest in the "Fast and Furious" franchise--and "The Thing" is floating in limbo.

Universal (our corporate brothers) has already had a rough year by any account. They're on target to finish dead last among the big six studios in total box office, with their 14 features compiling an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 45%, with only three--"Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Get Him to the Greek" and "Nanny McPhee Returns"--being rated favorably.

And now "The Thing" has joined "The Adjustment Bureau" and "Little Fockers" as their third high-profile project this year to go in for additional shooting or re-shoots.

And let's not forget the kerfuffle over the "gay" joke in the trailer for "The Dilemma."


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