Defense Rests in Philip Chism Trial

Sixteen-year-old Philip Chism's defense is arguing for insanity in the case against him

Defense attorneys for the Massachusetts teen accused of raping and murdering his high school teacher rested their case Tuesday.

Attorneys for 16-year-old Philip Chism have argued an insanity defense in the case against him. A psychiatrist testified in court for the defense said Chism suffered from psychosis.

However, on Tuesday, a psychologist for the prosecution says Chism exaggerated his symptoms of mental illness, adding that she didn't witness psychotic behavior from Chism that his defense clamed after the murder.

Meanwhile, after multiple witnesses, the defense rested on Tuesday, but without calling Chism's mother to the stand.

The move doesn't surprise necn legal analyst Randy Chapman.

"They haven't spoken in two years. I don't think that she would have provided sympathy for him. I don't think it would have been there. It wasn't likely to add anything. I'm sure they thought about it very carefully before they decided to shut it down and let the jury decide," he said.

Chism is accused of raping and killing his Danvers High School math teacher, 24-year-old Colleen Ritzer, in October 2013. He was 14 at the time but is being tried as an adult.

Prosecutors said the attack began earlier in a girl's bathroom inside the high school.

Defense attorneys have acknowledged that Chism killed Ritzer, but they contend he has severe mental illness and is not criminally responsible for his actions.

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