Ryan Gosling, Derek Cianfrance Going to “The Place Beyond the Pines”

Having worked together on one of 2010's best films writer-director Derek Cianfrance and actor Ryan Gosling have begun cooking up another project.

"I have a film called 'The Place Beyond the Pines,' which is all about fathers and guns, and it has motorcycles and guns in it," Cianfrance told The Hollywood Reporter. "One thing I wanted to do with 'Blue Valentine' was to make a really violent film without guns in it. The next one will have guns, so it will be easier. No studio yet. We're in the middle of financing it right now."

If you've seen "Blue Valentine," you know what he means by "violent," it is an emotionally harrowing tale that plumbs the depth of love can turn to cruelty. In fact the film is so raw at times that its distributor, The Weinstein Company, is engaged in a heated legal battle to get its rating change from NC-17 to R.

"I haven't really met anyone who thinks that [NC-17] rating is just. We are still fighting it and hoping it can be changed to an 'R,' said Cianfrance.

"Bottom line is we are not changing the movie out of respect. The movie is this movie ... it has no harm in it. It is about loving, intimacy, care and emotions. It is the intangibles of emotion and intimacy you don't see that got us the rating. If you take those out, that's the heart of the movie."

"Blue Valentine" opens Dec. 31.

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