Sad-Faced Blobfish Named World's Ugliest Animal

The public just gave the sad-faced blobfish another reason to be miserable.

The sea creature, which bears a striking resemblance to a bald, grumpy old man -- or, perhaps the comic character Ziggy --  was named the world's ugliest animal on Thursday by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. It becomes the group's new mascot.

The gelatinous-looking fish nabbed 795 of the 3,000 votes in an online poll aimed at raising awareness for ugly animals that play an important role in the earth's ecology, AFP reported.

"The Ugly Animal Preservation Society is dedicated to raising the profile of some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children," according to their website. "The panda gets too much attention."

The blobfish spends its life bobbing at the bottom of the sea, feeding off crabs and lobsters. Unfortunately, its unsightly appearance isn't the only thing marring its seemingly sad existence.

"The blobfish suffers a significant threat from fishing trawlers – although it is inedible itself, it gets caught up in the nets," according to the website of the National + Science Engineering Competition, which partnered with the society for the campaign.

Paul Foot, the cheeky man behind the blobfish's election campaign, expressed his gratitude for the recognition in an acceptance speech captured on video.

“On behalf of all the blobfish, thank you for this award. Thank you it means a great deal to me. Now, stay away from me and my family,” Foot said.

Check out the NSEC's video announcement below:

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