Samuel L. Jackson Up For Spike Lee's “Michael Jackson” Project

Spike Lee was pretty cut up about Michael Jackson's death and Samuel L. Jackson might star in the movie that has come from this emotion.

Jackson says "it looks like I might be doing" a new Spike Lee movie called "Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson."

"He's written a movie about these folks who want to have a big concert in a Brooklyn park for Michael," Jackson said. "And the new gentrified people that live in the neighborhood are worried about the kind of element that might be coming into the neighborhood."

Jackson was speaking at the press day for his latest film "Mother and Child."

The star said he met with Lee for lunch the day after the Academy Awards. "We had a power meeting. We talked about it and I read the script. I like it. So it should be okay.

"Spike said he was bent out of shape about Michael Jackson for a long time."

Jackson added that he's hoping that Julianne Moore will sign on to be his wife in the movie.

The last movie Jackson appeared in a film with Spike Lee directing was "Jungle Fever."

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