Sandra Bullock Hopes Returning Razzie Will End the Drama

Sandra Bullock's long Razzie mixup nightmare is finally coming to an end.

Not that she needed more drama in her life, but Bullock only found late in the game that she was handed the Razzie prototype on stage when she accepted the award last month. Most award winners receive a cheap knock-off.

The Razzies wanted their original back and took an unfortunate route in asking for it -- through the press.

"We will be returning the Razzie to them shortly," Bullock's rep to E! She added that she was never contacted by the Razzie people to talk about the mix-up, but rather called them herself after reading about it on the Internet.

Razzie founder John Wilson unfortunately told a British paper about the mixup and the resulting story made it sound like Bullock was shedding the award because of her well-known personal problems.

It was not the case. It's a sad end to a happy tale. Bullock won major celeb-points for having the grace to accept the Razzie in person for her terrible performance in "All About Steve." It was the same week she won an Oscar for "The Blindside."

But the Razzie will be swapped out and Bullock will have peace -- at least on this front.

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