Sarah Palin Buys $1.7M Arizona Home: Report

Is Sarah Palin on the move to Scottsdale, AZ? You betcha! The Real Estalker reports that the house hunting savvy Palin clan recently scooped up this mansion for $1.695 million, which only serves to bolster rumors that the hockey mom will make a run for President in 2012. The estate features 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a 6-car garage and no, Russia is not visible from the front porch. View the listing.

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Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) and her husband Todd Palin attend a rally at the Virginia Beach Convention Center October 13, 2008 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. With 22 days left before the election, about 15,000 people turned out to see Palin and her running mate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Is Sarah Palin on the move to the Lower 48? Reports from the <a href="">New York Times</a> and others say that the house hunting Palin clan scooped up this Scottsdale, Arizona, mansion for $1.695 million, which only serves to bolster rumors that the hockey mom will make a run for president in 2012. <a href="" target="_blank">View the listing</a>.
Workers installed a fence around the 8,000-square-foot home recently, which would make it a secure place from which to launch a campaign.
<a href="">The Arizona Republic</a> reported the purchase over the weekend of the dark-brown stucco home that has a guard gate to keep unwanted visitors away. It's believed that the family purchased the home through a company.
The compound is located less than an hour away from their abstinence-promoting daughter Bristol's new $172,000 digs in Maricopa. The walled estate features five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a six car garage and no, Russia is not visible from the front porch.
While the Palin camp has yet to confirm the purchase, a black minivan with blacked out windows and Alaska plates recently was seen on the property.
Nope, that's not Russia. It's the Arizona desert.
A view of the cabana and outdoor fireplace.
The expansive estate is large enough to accommodate Palin's large clan, as well as aides, assistants and security detail.
Will this gigantic room serve as a living room or Sarah's future campaign headquarters?
We can only imagine the number of animal pelts and hunting trophies that can fit in this spacious dining room.
Every hockey mom needs a first-class kitchen. This one boasts a center island, wraparound windows, a double oven, and black granite countertops.
A view of the entertainment center that includes tiered seating. The basement level also boasts a wine cellar and built-in wet bar.
The mansion has 6.5 bathrooms.
A view of the double height living room.
Palin can trade in her snow boots for a swimsuit. Temps in the Scottsdale region regularly reach 100 degrees during the stifling summer months.
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Todd and Sarah Palin shown here at a campaign rally in 2008. See you in Arizona, maverick!
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