Scoop: Hudson Wants Little Slugger with A-Rod

Kate Hudson has only been dating New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez for a few months, but she’s already hoping to start a family with him, reports In Touch Weekly.

Hudson has a 5-year-old son, Ryder, from her marriage to Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, but feels like it's time for a sibling, according to the magazine.

“(Hudson) just turned 30 and she’s ready to have her second child,” an insider told In Touch. “She wants Ryder to have a sibling, so she brought up the idea to Alex and told him that they would make a beautiful baby together, and that she would assume all financial responsibility.”

But Yankee fans who already feel that Hudson's been a distraction don't need to worry about “Baby on Board” stickers being affixed to the team bus any time soon. The same “insider” says that A-Rod, who has two daughters, Natasha, 4, and Ella, 16 months, with ex-wife Cynthia, is just not ready for more kids right now.

‘Dancing’ with the Jacksons?
The ninth season of “Dancing With the Stars” could end up resembling a reunion of Michael Jackson's family and friends.

Lou Ferrigno, Jackson's personal trainer and the onetime star of “The Incredible Hulk,” said he'd “definitely be interested” and has been in talks to join the show.

LaToya Jackson, Michael's sister, is also now in discussions to become a part of “Dancing.”

“She's a big fan of the show, and being from a musical family, it would be a good fit,” her rep told Us Weekly.

And finally, brother Jermaine Jackson, never one to let an opportunity pass him by, is throwing his hat in the ring.

“He doesn't just think he should be on the show, he thinks he could win it all. It's not as if he doesn't know how to work an audience,” said a source close to Jackson. “It's also a steady job for a while. He hasn't had any traction with the other projects and reunion shows he'd hoped for. This could be great for him.”

Stop the presses: Brad and Angie happy
As if Brad Pitt's recent overshares about how he and Angelina Jolie maintain their sex life weren't enough proof that all is fine with the star couple, reference their perfectly normal outing on Aug. 11.

They took to the Mondrian in L.A. for the afterparty for the premiere of Pitt's "Inglorious Basterds." Not only did they not appear to be on the verge of divorce as some magazines would contend, they seemed happy.

They sat together, they chatted with friends, they sipped cocktails (which will go a long way in dispelling the latest pregnancy rumors for a bit), they ate appetizers. In other words, they were perfectly human.

Read this, watch that
This week, it would be more accurate to call this item “watch that, and that,” because instead of the usual reading installment, I'm suggesting you carve out time to watch twice as much as usual.

The new season of “Mad Men” airs August 16 on AMC and I cannot wait. Not because I haven't seen the season premiere — I saw it weeks ago — but because I'll finally be able to discuss what happens with everyone. One hint about the new episode: you see a part of Don Draper up close that you've never seen before.

Also, Davis Guggenheim's new documentary, “It Might Get Loud,” opens in theaters. Every guitar geek or fan of Jack White, U2's The Edge or Jimmy Page should see this film at least once, if not multiple times in the same weekend. Guggenheim provides the vehicle for these three to do the talking (and playing), but he gets out of the way enough to let this trio really talk about their craft in a way that's infinitely deep, yet totally accessible and creative.

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