Vulgar Senior Prank Causes Thousands of Dollars in Damage

Damage estimates at Riverside-Brookfield High School as high as $3,500

A homecoming senior prank involving chickens, male genitalia and expanding foam caused thousands of dollars in damage to a high school in Chicago's western suburbs this week.

Close to 70 students have been identified as taking part in the early Wednesday morning prank at Riverside-Brookfield High School that started with a traditional toilet-papering of the building and later escalated to more serious vandalism.

According to the Landmark newspaper, a smaller group returned to the school after the initial prank and took it to a higher level. They spray-painted messages on the walls, posted photos of male genitalia on the windows and doors, left a baby crib at the entrance with four live chickens inside, and left old furniture and a mattress at another entrace. They also left other graffiti directed at school staff and police. Expandable insulating foam was also placed in some of the locks, causing significant damage.

Students were identified through surveillance video, social media and other students, according to the newspaper.

Damage estimates were as high as $3,500.

The school principal said some of the students may be charged criminally and others will face a variety of punishments ranging from the exclusion from social events to suspensions.

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