So What's Going on with the “Glee” Cast?

Last week, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy sent shockwaves throughout the "Gleek" community by casually announcing that the characters played by series regulars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer would be graduating from high school after next season and therefore would be off the show.

Think fans were surprised? Imagine how the actors felt - Colfer admitted he first heard the news on Twitter.

Well, during the "Glee" panel at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, producer Brad Falchuck set to put out some fires and clarify Murphy's statements. According to Falchuck, when Murphy said "those characters would be off the show, and the actors no longer on set to act as those characters forever for the rest of time," he actually meant "they are not leaving."

“They’re seniors. They’re graduating. But [just] because they’re graduating doesn’t mean they’re leaving the show,” said Falchuck. “If you have Lea Michele under contract, you don’t say, ‘We’re gonna let you go.’ It was never our plan or our intention to let them go. They are not done with the show after this season.”

So there you have it. They will be seniors, and they will be leaving high school, but they won't be "leaving" high school. That sound you hear is a pack of "Glee" writers trying to find songs that best convey the life of that creepy guy in the Trans Am who always offers to buy the Sophomores beer.

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