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Husband of San Bernardino Terror Victim Describes Raising Son Ahead of Anniversary

"I think when you've been through something like that, it changes the way you think."

Ahead of the one year anniversary of the deadly terror attacks in San Bernardino that claimed the lives of 14, the husband of one of the victims described raising their son as a single parent.

James Godoy's son Alexander goes by the nickname Xander, and he looks almost exactly like his mom Aurora.

James said this makes many days difficult. It's the reason why James often can't look at his son without thinking of her.

Aurora Godoy was an office assistant for the San Bernardino County Department of Health. On December 2, 2015, she was killed along with 13 coworkers in the terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center.

This Friday marks one year since the massacre, and James and other victims and their family members will that day attend a private luncheon to remember the 14 innocent lives that were taken.

Aurora, 26, was the most caring person James has ever known.

"When we were in school, she would go above what was probably expected," James said.

Yet, despite losing his wife, James said he can't live with a negative attitude.

"I think when you've been through something like that, it changes the way you think," James said. "I'm more of a positive person so I try to be as positive as possible."

Alexander turns 3 in January. When the time comes, he will find the inner strength to tell Xander what happened to his mom.

He even feels some compassion and concern for the orphaned daughter of the shooter, who is just a little younger than his son Xander.

"Because when you go to school someone is going to be like, 'Oh, you're so-and-so?' And I'm sure that could be bad as far as bullying for that kid when they get older," James said.

James is hoping that doesn't happen. He's also hoping a positive attitude will help guide his son toward a good life.

"I think he's going to be a good person and I want him to be a good person," James said. "I think he's going to be successful at whatever he does."

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