FBI Standoff Suspect Charged with Govm’t Property Destruction: Complaint

The suspect broke into a parking garage and bunkered down on an annex roof, officials say

The man who authorities say climbed onto the roof of an FBI annex building and initiated a nearly six-hour standoff Sunday has been charged with one count of destruction of government property, according to an FBI complaint. 

The suspect, 36-year-old Richard William Durant III of Lakeside, was arrested by an FBI SWAT team after he broke into the Sorrento Valley facility, officials said. 

Durant first walked up to the visitor screening facility, and when he was contacted by a security guard, Durant claimed to have "weapons" and needed to speak with a federal agent, according to the complaint.

He then ran away and climbed over a 7- or 8- foot-tall steel security fence into the FBI property.

Running to the main door, Durant tried to get in the locked entrance, but failed. 

Instead, he broke the 12-inch, U-shaped handle off another door along the building's west side and went into the FBI's parking garage.

The complaint said Durant used the door handle to smash the window of a government vehicle, after which he climbed to the top of the FBI annex, where he damaged a security camera.

There, Durant sat on a ledge or roamed around the roof for hours.

According to the FBI, Durant used an unknown device to start a fire in the heating ventilation and air conditioning unit attached to the FBI building's roof.  

Finally, two loud flashbangs were heard before Durant was taken into custody.

He was transferred to the Alvarado Parkway Institute in La Mesa for treatment and evaluation, and the FBI said when he gets out, he should be booked into the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a federal detention facility in San Diego.

Foxworth was not sure if Durant was injured when he jumped over the fence, as initial reports stated. The FBI building was staffed at the time, but no employees were hurt.

Officials said they now review at security around the property to see if changes need to be made.

A background check revealed Durant's criminal record, including a 1996 conviction for auto theft and a 1998 conviction for assault with a deadly weapon. He also spent time in state prison for a parole violation.

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