Stonestreet Takes Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy — Just Like We Said He Would

Eric Stonestreet was bizarrely normal in accepting the first prize of the night -- frankly it was a little disappointing.

"All I ever wanted was to be a clown," said Stonestreet in taking the night's first prize, a win we at PocornBiz predicted with laser-like accuracy as far back as Aug. 6.

Not sure what we expected from Stonestreet, but his Cameron Tucker on "Modern Family" is such an over-the-top comedic force, we maybe expected a little more joie.

In any event, we're happy for him and were impressed by how he made a point of giving a shout-out to co-star Ed O'Neill, who had been snubbed by the nomination process.

And he of course thank his parents.

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