Think You’re an Adventurous Eater? We Dare You to Eat this…


Maria got a taste of fertilized duck egg, whole fish (with scales, eyes and all!), pig veins and heart… shall we go on? If you think you can handle this and more, we’ve got a list of unique restaurants that might just be for you.

Hataka Tonton - New York, NY
A restaurant that almost exclusively serves pigs feet. 

The Cannibal  - New York, NY
The name speaks for itself.

Tim Love’s Lonesome Dove - Fort Worth, TX
Anything living in the Wild Wild West has become a dish on Chef Love’s menu. Watch out for that killer cacti.

Ink - Los Angeles, CA
A “Top Chef” alum lets us taste the familiar with his signature molecular gastro-twist.

The Griddle Cafe - Hollywood, CA
You don’t have to twist my arm to eat a stack of flapjacks, but here, that’s all you can eat. People line up for hours every weekend just to get a taste of their huge variety of enormous pancakes.

Pho Garden - San Francisco, CA

Are you up “pho” the challenge? One massive bowl of pho includes two pounds of noodles and two pounds of meat. Can you finish it in 60 minutes?

Gastronauts - NY / LA / DC
A star on last week's menu was balut,16-day-old fertilized duck egg. It literally takes guts to be a part of this eating club.

We dined with the Gastronauts and many others for last week's "Unique Dining"
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