This Week's New Movies: “Super 8,” “The Trip,” “Trollhunter” & “Judy Moody”

A Spielbergian popcorn adventure, a hilarious road trip, the year's funniest monster movie, and more hit theaters this week...

Super 8
While shooting a movie, a bunch of kids in small-town Ohio, circa 1979, catch on film a U.S. Military train crashing into a pick-up, causing a huge accident that draws a massive response from the Army. Written and directed by JJ Abrams, produced by Steve Spielberg. In theaters everywhere, read our review and watch the trailer

Midnight in Paris
Woody Allen's latest stars Owen Wilson as a struggling novelist who finds himself transported back in time to the Paris of the 1920s, where he parties with the Lost Generation and falls for a beautiful model. Going into wider release, read our review and watch the trailer

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer
Based on the series of books by Megan McDonald, about a young girl facing with a summer alone with her brother, Stink, and her crazy Aunt Opal, played by Heather Graham. In theaters everywhere, watch the trailer

The Trip (2011)
British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play ficitonalized versions of themselves on a gastronoimic tour of northern England in this road trip film from director Michael Winterbottom. In limited release, read our review and watch the trailer

The Trollhunter
A group of film students set out on the trail of a bear poacher only to find themselves chronicling the adventures of a governemtn agent in charge of controlling Norways' troll popualtion. In limited release, read our review and watch the trailer

Bride Flight
Three young women eager to escape post-war Holland hop on a plane bound for New Zealeand, where the future husbands await them. On the flight they meet a young man with whom each of them eventually has a relationship that keeps their lives intertwined forverer. In limited release, watch the trailer

Viva Riva!
A crime thriller about a smalltime crook from Kinshasa, Congo, who scores a huge a load of gas, instantly making him rich. But things get tricky when he falls for a local gnagster's gilr, and things get worse when an Angolan comes to town looking for his missing petrol. In limited release, watch the trailer

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