Tiger's Bite at Pebble

Tiger Woods’ press briefing at Pebble featured a terse moment

Tiger Woods’ first press briefing at Pebble Beach leading into the U.S. Open was for the most part, business-like with just one moment of flare. Mark Reason of the London Telegraph asked Woods the following:

“On the basis that our professional lives, all our professional lives, are affected by our personal lives, can you tell us if you've got any resolution one way or the other with (wife) Elin yet?”

Tiger’s reply, “That’s none of your business.”

Then, more questions about golf followed.

Yet, it should be noted after the press conference the British sportswriter said his intention in drilling down into the personal turmoil experienced by Woods was simply to see if a ‘resolution’ might bring about a resurgence in the top-ranked golfer’s game.

Further questions about Woods’ mindset heading into the Open lead to some nostalgic introspection about the act of preparation. “For me, I've always enjoyed practicing much more than I did playing, and that's certainly true now and I'm sure it always will be, says Woods, adding, “I've always loved to practice. And for me to go out in the evenings and practice and replicate what my dad and I used to do, that's how the game is meant to be played.” 

With a strong showing at Pebble, Phil Mickelson has a chance to replace Woods atop the world rankings this week.

“I think everybody who plays golf as a professional is motivated to try to become number one. It's not an area that I focus on to do that. I feel if I play good golf that will happen,” says Mickelson, adding, “I don't know the ranking system or world points or how that works, nor do I care, I just know that if I continue to play well, ultimately in the long run, it will happen.”

The first round of the U.S. Open begins Thursday.

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