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","id":"623915","thumbnail_url":"https://nbcots.go-vip.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/POY.sqaure.grid1_.jpg?fit=1200%2C675","type":"image","focusedSlide":""},{"caption":"The Endangered Earth: As the depletion of the Earth's ozozne layer became more widely reported, it inspired a new generation of environmental awareness.
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Two years after winning the honor for 'perestroika,' his political and economic reforms, the former president of the Soviet Union was honored again for the destruction of the Berlin Wall.
The two faces of Bush was a nod to the respect he earned as a statesman on the international stage and his perceived shortcomings on demotic issues.
Ted Turner's Cable News Network revolutionized news with its coverage of the Persian Gulf War.
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The Arkansas governor made history when he defeated incumbent George H. W. Bush in the presidential election.
Nelson Mandela, center-left, and F.W. de Klerk, center-right, brought an end to apartheid in South Africa, while Yitzhak Rabin, left, and Yasser Arafat, right, appeared to be on the brink of forging peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.
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Pope John Paul II hosted "The Papal Concert to Commemorate the Holocaust" in recognition of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Israel.
Newt Gingrich was commemorated in TIME Magazine for leading the Republican Revolution that ended 40 years of Democratic control in Congress as Speaker of the House.
AIDS Researcher David Ho discovered the mechanics behind HIV replication, landing him on the cover of TIME Magazine as their 1996 Person of the Year.
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Intel chairman and CEO Andy Grove was hailed by the mag as "the person most responsible for the amazing growth in the power and innovative potential of microchips."
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The adulterous president and his indefatigable prosecutor grabbed headlines all year.
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Amazon.com Chairman and CEO Jeff Bezos forever changed the way people buy and sell things by harnessing the power of the Internet.
As a governor of Texas and child of a former U.S. president, Bush won the closest, most contentious election in the nation's history.
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Rudy Giuliani presided over New York City as mayor during the most horrific tragedy to hit the five boroughs when terrorists crashed two planes into the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center.
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Cynthia Cooper, Coleen Rowley and Sherron Watkins were TIME Magazine's 2002 Person of the Year when they blew the whistle on WorldCom, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Enron, respectively.
2003 - The American Soldier
Chosen again for "sticking to his guns both literally and figuratively, Bush took the title again in 2004 for reshaping the rules of politics ... and for persuading a majority of voters that he deserved to be in the White House for another four years.
Good Samaritans Bill Gates, Bono, and Melinda Gates were chosen for the magazine's People of the Year title for their tireless efforts to help the sick and the hungry in Africa, inspired a new wave of philanthropy.
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2007 - Vladimir Putin: A controversial pick that inspired chess champion and political activist Gary Kasparov to quote the mag's own words about its 1938 choice, Adolf Hitler: "Fascism has discovered that freedom -- of press, speech, assembly -- is a potential danger to its own security."
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President-elect Barack Obama was a no-brainer as Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2008.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2009.
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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was named 2010 TIME Person of the Year.
This was the year of "The Protester." The magazine cited dissent across the Middle East that spread to Europe and the United States, and says these protesters are reshaping global politics.
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President Barack Obama was Time Magazine's Person of the Year for the second time in the magazine's history. The short list for the honor included Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who was shot in the head for advocating for girls' education. It also included Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Italian physicist Fabiola Giannati.
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Pope Francis was chosen as TIME's Person of the Year for 2013. It was the third time a pope was chosen for the title.
Time magazine selected the Ebola fighters at their time person of the year. Dr. Kent Brantly, medical missions adviser for Samaritan's Purse and the first American to be affected with the virus, was among the Ebola caregivers highlighted on the <a href="/news/national-international/Time-Magazine-Person-of-the-Year-Ebola-285327941.html" target="_blank">magazine's covers. </a>
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German chancellor Angela Merkel became TIME Magazine's 2015 Person of the Year for her quiet, unassuming leadership style and willingness to extend Germany's resources to help manage national and global crises.
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The cover of the magazine's Person of the Year edition with President-elect Donald Trump in New York. Time editor Nancy Gibbs said the publication’s choice was a “straightforward” choice of the person who has had the greatest influence on events "for better or worse."
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The wave of victims speaking openly about workplace sexual abuse and harassment was the Person - or rather, People - of the Year for TIME Magazine. An October exposé from the New York Times detailing Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's pattern of sexual harassment opened the doors for other victims to go public with their own experiences with bosses, managers, clients and co-workers.
Time Magazine chose not the politicians who move economies but the journalists who put their lives on the line to cover them for the magazine's 2018 Persons of the Year. Included this year was murdered Washington Post columnist <a href="/news/politics/Donald-Trump-US-Response-Jamal-Khashoggi-Killing-500893591.html" target="_blank">Jamal Khashoggi</a>, imprisoned Reuters reporters <a href="/news/national-international/Myanmar-Journalists-Wives-492412201.html" target="_blank">Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo</a>, the <a href="/news/politics/President-Trump-Orders-Flags-Fly-at-Half-Staff-for-Capital-Gazette-Victims-487204701.html" target="_blank">Capital Gazette newspaper</a>, attacked by a gunman earlier in the year and Maria Ressa, whose news site <a href="https://www.rappler.com/" target="_blank">Rappler</a> aggressively covered Phillippine President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war.
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