‘Tis the Season for Schnitzel and Liter Beer in a Christmas Wonderland

Steve Madura / NBC

Christmas time in New York City is unlike any place else in the world. We take it very, very seriously.  While rampant consumerism is probably the most prevalent aspect of the season, the decorations come in a close second.  Recently, I visited a restaurant where holiday decor even gives my mother’s decorations a run for their money (And she has an oversized fisherman Santa Claus riding a marlin.  Think about that for a second). 
For my birthday this past weekend, I asked my lady friend for only one thing: a surprise. So we headed out for dinner, and I asked her where we were going. She points ahead to Rolf’s Bar & Restaurant, an authentic German dining experience. Needless to say, when I walked through the front door, I was very surprised. Here's why:
During our time inside, I heard that it takes the staff at Rolf’s six weeks to put all of the decorations in this modest restaurant’s interior. After spending an evening inside, I can see why. What was a simple German cuisine experience becomes transformed into a veritable wonderland of bright lights and shiny surfaces. The food only compliments the feeling of being part of a Christmas celebration in a small German village. My schnitzel was extraordinarily filling, and between that and the liter-sized beer, I was prepared to fall into a Christmas-induced coma right in my seat. However, this would not have been the worst thing, as I would get to snooze beneath all those brilliant lights. 

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Rolf's Bar & Restaurant

281 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10010

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