Tom Hiddleston Apologizes for Awkward Globes Speech Touching on Sudan Civil War

The actor was panned for a speech that came off as tone deaf in the wake of a humanitarian crisis

Hey, even demi-gods get a case of the jitters.

That's what "The Night Manager" star Tom Hiddleston, who also stars in the Avengers and Thor films as Loki, blamed for his widely panned Golden Globes acceptance speech. 

In accepting the award for Best Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture made for Television, Hiddleston referenced a recent trip he took to the war-torn Sudan while working with the United Nations Children’s Fund. Hiddleston said a group of doctors and nurses with Doctors Without Borders said they’d binge-watched "The Night Manager" and he told the Globes crowd he was moved by “the idea that we could provide some relief and entertainment for people … who are fixing the world in the places where it is broken."

Hiddleston then went on to dedicate his win “to those out there who are doing their best.”

The reaction on social media was swift and brutal.


Apparently the barbs made their way back to Hiddleston, who offered an apology on Facebook attributing his awkward remarks to stage jitters.

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