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Crews Rescue Kitten Trapped in Storm Drain for More Than 28 Hours in Fontana

The kitten's rescue began getting attention as it unfolded on social media.

Crews were working to rescue a kitten trapped in a Fontana, California, storm drain for more than 28 hours, garnering attention and pleas for help on social media Monday.

The kitten was finally pulled to freedom later in the evening.

The teeny kitten became trapped in a Costco parking lot gutter in the 16500 block of Sierra Lakes Parkway Sunday.

Shoppers could hear faint cries from the kitten.

The kitten's rescue began getting attention as images and updates began pouring in on David Loop's Facebook page. He and other Fontana residents worked to bring attention to the trapped kitten from the beginning.

All American Plumbing responded and began the process of rescuing the cat, using a snake camera and more tools.

The first images of the kitten appeared 26 hours after people began hearing its cries in the drain.

The kitten had not yet been rescued as of 7:45 p.m. Crews were still digging up the pipe.

People from as far as Washington D.C., Illinois, Philadelphia and Minnesota were monitoring the progress of the rescue via Facebook.

Fontana residents had dubbed it "Operation Kitten Rescue."

The kitten was pulled from the drain alive and well around 10:30 p.m.

David Loop decided to adopt the kitten, leaving the survival story with a very happy ending.

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