Floored! Travesty on “Dancing with The Stars” as the Hoff Heads Home

You had to know after seeing his terrible dancing that David Hasselhoff wasn't going to win "Dancing With the Stars." But to be sent home on the first night? Surely not!

Yet, that was the result on Tuesday night. A shocking result that left the judges visibly stunned and host Tom Bergeron nearly at a loss for words.

"Of all the first people to leave in all the seasons, this was the biggest surprise to me," Bergeron said to Hasselhoff.

We didn't even get a chance to see one Hoff reference, like "It's a Dance-Hoff." The judges didn't even get a chance to make a joke about KITT or "Baywatch." All of this great material gone to waste.

How did it happen? Quite clearly Hasselhoff put himself in a hole with the lowest score of the night (part of a three-way tie) and his legion of fans failed to pull him out. Just watching the Hoff sing along to "Sex Bomb" as he stumbled through the routine was pure entertainment of the sort that is supposed to make the show great.

It's a blow to the show, which had more than a great name with the Hoff. It also had a great, unpredictable showman who was sure to keep people on their toes for at least a few more weeks.

Hilariously, the Hoff continued to say variations of a "it was a great run" after he got knocked out. But it really wasn't. It was one lousy week. Meanwhile Margaret Cho somehow scraped through after her embarrassing dance floor travesty and some kid you've never seen from a Disney show you've never heard of continues through week two.

The Hoff put on a brave face and sat down on the couch with Jimmy Kimmel (the fate of all dance rejects) and admitted the obvious: "I was't really big on technique."

He then tried to look for a bright side by asking his beautiful partner, Kym Johnson, out on a date. She accepted on national television.

The perpetually optimistic Hasselhoff laughed, "God has a plan."

Not for "Dancing with The Stars." Big loss.

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