Could Trump's Re-Election Go Up in a Puff of ‘Smoke?' Vapers Say Watch Out

E-cigarette users are banding together politically, forging a new constituency of passionate single-issue voters

They're here. They vape. And they say they'll vote you out of office if you come for their "unicorn poop" flavored vape juice, NBC News reports.

Facing a perfect storm of threats from federal, state and local governments, vapers are banding together politically to defend a product that they claim saves lives and that has created a livelihood for some and way of life for others.

As the Trump administration prepares to roll out new rules as soon as this week on vaping in response to an alarming rise in teenage e-cigarette use and health concerns, hundreds of adult vapers gathered outside the White House on Saturday. They were there to convince people that President Donald Trump could lose his re-election if he alienates a growing constituency that is only just now becoming politically active.

"If Trump bans flavors, there's a good chance he loses Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida," said Ryan Hallisey, from Orange County, N.Y., a vape store owner who took part in the demonstration. "He won those so narrowly, and so many vapers, like 80 percent, are single-issue voters."

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