Turn Your Home Into An Oasis

If the idea of returning to work causes a headache, some experts weigh in on how you can easily turn your home into an stress-free environment.

Health Magazine lists tips you can do to any home to make it feel more like a resort and spa including:

  • Make an entrance: Try to come in to your home without walking past the piles of laundry. If you can’t screen off the nagging reminders of tasks undone, try walking in through the front door. If it’s good enough for your guests, why not for you after a hard day’s work?
  • Calm the clutter: If there is no alternate entry, find a way to clean out the doorway to your home using drawers or baskets.
  • Light up your life: Invest in a dimmer switch and add a table lamp to your foyer. Creating a soothing light in the entryway can help soothe your stressed-out mind.
  • Enter gently: Bull in a china shop – not. Walk in, say hello to everyone and try not to carry the anger or frustration from the office into the home.
  • Treat your senses: Engage the five senses. Health magazine suggests adding a softer rug, bringing in fresh flowers or adding a scent that’s plesant.

Read the full article for more secrets of creating a stress-free home.

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