“Two and a Half Men” Reboot Moving Forward?

It sounds like "Two and a Half Men" is coming back...or, at least, some version of it.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that show creator Chuck Lorre has retooled the sitcom to focus more on Jon Cyer's Alan alongside a brand new character. Cryer has allegedly already been clued in to the plan.

CBS may be eying a mid-season relaunch for the show.

No word on casting for the mystery other character, but it sounds as through they won't simply be trying to find "another Charlie Sheen" (sorry, Richard Greico). Names buzzing around the new character are rumored to include Jeremy Piven, Woody Harrelson, and Bob Saget. (We called that one, too!)

Sheen, meanwhile, continues to tour the country dropping more bombs than the Enola Gay.

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