Uber Used Secret Program to Track Lyft Drivers: Report

The program called "Hell" also showed Uber which drivers worked for both Uber and Lyft

A new report says Uber used a secret program dubbed "Hell" to track Lyft drivers so that the company coud maintain an edge over its biggest competitor. 

Only a small group of Uber employees, including CEO Travis Kalanick, knew about the program, according to a story in the technology trade publication The Information, that cited an anonymous source who wasn't authorized to speak publicly.

Between 2014 and 2016, Uber was able to track how many Lyft drivers were in service, see if they were driving for both ride-hailing services and otherwise stifle competition.

The program was discontinued in early 2016, according to the report.

It's the latest embarrassing revelation for Uber, which has faced a series of executive departures and accusations of sexism and sexual harassment.

A representative for Uber did not respond to messages for comment Thursday. Lyft said in a statement to the publication that "if true, the allegations are very concerning."

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