Viral Dollar General Cashier Leaves ‘Voice' Judges in Shock

Lucas Holiday is used to singing for customers at the Michigan Dollar General store where he works, but singing for "The Voice" judges was an entirely different experience -- and not just for him.

Holiday's performance of Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" was an unexpected one for the celebrity mentors on the show. His audition turned the chair of new judge Jennifer Hudson, but when the other judges turned around, they were left in awe. 

"No offense, because you're brilliant, but you're like the whitest dude," Adam Levine said. "I'm questioning the whole world right now."

Holiday had a brief bout with fame after he went viral last year when video of him singing while bagging items at work gained national and celebrity attention. 

His performance of Maxwell's "Ascension" while bagging up a customer was quickly shared more than 13,700 times, viewed more than 680,000 times and even garnered the attention of Maxwell himself.

Maxwell even shared a video of Holiday's audition Monday, where it has already been seen more than 44,000 times. 

"I think something that's going to be really cool I think for Jennifer and for everybody who watches this show is we don't really know who you are," Miley Cyrus said. "You can say so many different things. I think you got the right coach. You're going to live to your full potential."

Holiday is part of a band called TELL Yo MAMA in Lansing, Michigan.

He said that since the video of him singing went viral, customers now come in and make song requests from him. But he's still working at the Dollar General, which is why he decided to audition for "The Voice."

"The Voice" Season 13 airs Mondays and Tuesday at 7 p.m. CT. 

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