Virginia Man Pays Taxes With 300,000 Pennies To DMV

Dealing with the DMV can prove to be a headache, but one tax-paying Virginia man flipped the script and gave his local DMV the headache of counting nearly 300,000 pennies by hand.

Nick Stafford purchased a brand new Chevrolet Silverado and a Cadillac Escalade in cash, and was required to $2,987.14 to his local DMV.

According to Stafford, he made several calls to the local office and employees refused to provide him with the information he needed, which led him to file three separate lawsuits.

On Wednesday, Stafford pushed five wheel barrels of unrolled pennies into the DMV to pay the sales tax on his newly purchased vehicles.

The Richmond DMV headquarters had been notified about the payment, and informed the local office that they had to accept the payment – all 298,745 pennies.

DMV employees reportedly stayed as late as 1 AM to finish counting the 1,598 pounds of pennies, and required Stafford to remain in the office until the count was finished. 

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