Weekend Watch List: Those Krazy Kennedys!

The kennedys
Reelz Channel

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and lament the passing of James Franco. You were aware that James Franco passed away last night, right? He totally did. LET’S GO!

THE KENNEDYS – 8:00PM Sunday (ReelzChannel) It’s a big weekend of premieres, none more so than the debut of this notorious miniseries that was dropped by the History Channel only to be salvaged by the folks at ReelzChannel. Greg Kinnear is your JFK. Katie Holmes is your Jackie O. And just what about this series was so taboo that the History Channel ran screaming away from it? Well, I’m told that the series includes footage of the late President personally waterboarding numerous household pets. AND he sleeps with Henry Kissinger. They don’t have sex or anything. But they sleep in the same bed because they’re both drunk, and that’s kind of scandalous too! I’m just kidding, of course. None of that happens. But this show is brought to you by the dude who made “24,” so you’d think the waterboarding thing would be on the table. ANTICIPATION: LIBEL!

THE KILLING – 9:00PM Sunday (AMC) After blowing up cable sets all over the place this fall with “The Walking Dead,” AMC tries for another score with this season-long mystery based on a Danish series. Early notices say this one’s a bit quiet, so I’ll be interested to see if it suffers the same fate as the subtle “Rubicon,” or if it’ll blossom into a phenomenon as “Mad Men” has. Either way, AMC now has enough credibility to make this appointment viewing. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

THE BORGIAS – 9:00PM Sunday (Showtime) Another new series. This one’s a Showtime original starring Jeremy Irons as the head of the very naughty Borgia family, which dabbled in crime, murder, incest, and all sorts of seedy business. Showtime has a recent track record of successful costume dramas with “The Tudors,” and this new entry comes to you from “Crying Game” director Neil Jordan. So expect a solid start. ANTICIPATION: ALSO HIGH!

CAMELOT – 10:00PM Tonight (Starz) And yet another new series. Man, you are spoiled. Starz keeps with the swords-and-myths theme and delivers you a series about King Arthur and all his daffy English kuniggits. No Kennedys in this one, though. They’re off having sex on ReelzChannel. ANTICIPATION: WHAT IS THE AIR SPEED VELOCITY OF AN UNLADEN SWALLOW?!!

CHAOS – 8:00PM Saturday (CBS) And look at that: a perfect five-for-five this weekend with new series premieres. This one is about a group of rogue CIA agents and stars that dude from “Six Feet Under.” Please do not confuse this show with “Chaos,” the film. You really don’t want to see that. ANTICIPATION: MILD!

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