Woody Allen Casts Alec Baldwin, Eyeing Jesse Eisenberg

Alec Baldwin is exactly the kind of guy you'd expect in a Woody Allen film, and Jesse Eisenberg is exactly the kind of guy you'd expect to be Woody's film surrogate.

Baldwin has been cast in Allen's next project, which will be filming in Rome, and he's trying to land Eisenberg to play one of the leads, reported Deadline. The cast already includes Penelope Cruz.

Since leaving New York for Europe, Allen has set films in London, Barcelona and this summer he unveils "Midnight in Paris," starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. So Rome seems like the next logical step. He's slowly heading west, who knows, maybe he'll hit Istanbul after that.

Baldwin, who last week fired and rehired the entire cast of "30 Rock," has recently been cast in the film adaptation of the hit musical "Rock of Ages."

Eisenberg's voice can be heard Friday in the animated film "Rio," and later this summer he'll star opposite Aziz Ansari in the bank heist comedy "30 Minutes or Less."

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