Adam Levine Startled After Maroon 5 Fan Rushes Onstage Mid-Concert

Talk about a scary encounter!

Adam Levine was grabbed by a fan who rushed onstage at a Maroon 5 concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on Monday night.

An eyewitness tells E! News the confrontation went down towards the end of the show while the 36-year-old rocker was belting out the band's hit song "It Was Always You." The fan jumped on stage, ran up to Levine and grabbed onto him with her arms clasped around his neck. The young girl tried hugging him for a few seconds before she was escorted off stage by a security person.

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In a fan video of the encounter, Levine looks visibly startled and shaken up when the girl grabs onto him and won't let go. Despite the surprise, the source says Levine handled the situation "like a pro."

Afterwards, he joked to the crowd, "That was f----- scary. Just straight up maybe don't do that." Levine also said the girl scratched his ear with her fingernail.

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