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Bigwig Attorney Threatens Journalist Over Articles

Scott Rothstein vows to go after more journalists as well



    Bigwig Attorney Threatens Journalist Over Articles
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    And we thought they taught the First Amendment in law school.

    Scott Rothstein, who operates one of the most successful law firms in South Florida, has apparently vowed to destroy a local journalist for writing critical articles about his friends.

    According to Broward-Palm Beach New Times columnist Bob Norman, Rothstein phoned him on August 25, calling himself the “Jewish Avenger” and threatening to bankrupt Norman and his wife, who is a reporter for the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

    Rothstein, managing partner of Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, Adler in Fort Lauderdale -- who recently purchased a controlling stake of Casa Casuarina on South Beach, better known as the Versace Mansion, which he plans to turn into a nightclub -- has become one of the most powerful men in South Florida, buying up restaurants and homes and donating big money to politicians.

    “I’m tired of you hunting around,” Rothstein told Norman, who said he was digging into the connections between Rothstein and state Rep. Evan Jenne of Dania Beach.

    Rothstein said he plans on going after other journalists as well.

    “I am starting with you and the Sun Sentinel and a couple of other (local reporters),” he told Norman.

    “When I finish, I think I will have made an important point.”

    But Rothstein also acknowledged that his threats could generate more negative coverage about him and his friends.

    “I may be too stupid to realize that what I’m about to do might cause you to write more horrific things about me and my family.”

    Norman met Rothstein in person about a year ago where the lawyer came off as friendly but was also sure to warn Norman not to cross him.