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Legislature Gives Approval To Stadium Stadium Tax Changes



    Legislature Gives Approval To Stadium Stadium Tax Changes
    NBC 6 South Florida
    David Beckham spoke with media Monday about his plans for Miami's new soccer stadium.

    The Florida Legislature has passed a bill that would give sales tax rebates to sports entities looking to build new stadiums or upgrade current facilities.

    The bill (HB 7095) would establish a pool of $13 million that could be spent each year, with no team or project receiving more than $3 million a year. The projects must be cost a minimum of $100 million to qualify for the rebate.

    Specifically, the bill established an expedited process for soccer stadiums in Orlando and Miami and the Daytona renovations, according to the Miami Herald.

    The Herald reported "the three could share in $7 million in tax breaks next year and then in 2015-16, a total of $13 million would be available to pro football, hockey, basketball, and soccer teams, as well as NASCAR events and professional rodeos."

    Baseball teams would also be eligible, but only if MLB removes some restrictions on Cuban-born baseball players.

    The teams could receive up to $2 million a year in annual subsidies for up to 30 years.

    International soccer star David Beckham's group issued a statement saying in part: "By approving this legislation, the state has shown that it truly understand the far-reaching impact and importance soocer has on the hundreds of thousands of youth and adults that play and the millions of fans who watch."

    Beckham personally went to Tallahassee to lobby for the bill's passage.

    Beckham said in a statement: "We appreciate the work done by our government officials and their recognition of the enormous popularity of soccer. Today is not only good for Orlando and Miami, it's great for all of Florida. I look forward to continuing the work with our fans and the community."