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Occupy Palm Beach Protesters Arrested

Occupiers secured themselves to balcony railings with PVC pipes and duct tape



    Occupy Palm Beach Protesters Arrested
    Palm Beach Sheriff's Office arrested occupiers, some who secured themselves to City Hall's balcony railings with PVC pipes and duct tape.

    Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office arrested Several “Occupy” protesters Monday at the old Palm Beach City Hall after they refused to leave despite an eviction notice from the city.

    Deputies with the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, Fire Rescue, and Palm Beach’s Emergency Field Force worked together to remove about a dozen “Occupy” protesters from the site around 5 a.m., according to WPTV.
    The protesters wrapped their arms in PVC piping and duct tape to stay secured to the City Hall’s balcony above the entrance to the building, the sheriff's office said. Fire rescue had to use a special tool to remove the piping around the protesters arms so they could be detached.
    The streets off City Hall, North Olive Avenue and Banyan Boulevard, were temporarily closed while Fire Rescue used ladders to reach the “Occupy” protesters on the second balcony.
    Protesters stood their ground throughout the week even though they had been warned by police they could be subject to arrest.
    “Occupy” is part of a grassroots nationwide movement in unity with “Occupy Wall Street” in which protesters demand a more fair structure in economic and corporate power relations.
    Members of  “Occupy Miami” were booted out of Miami-Dade County Hall in January by police with six arrests.