A House Still Divided on Health

Congress reconvenes amid schism on health care

Congress is returning to session but the same old problems on health care remain.

Despite a 40-day break from Washington spent meeting with constituents, lawmakers return to work today just as divided on how to proceed on health care reform as before they left, The Washington Post reports.

Citing interviews with 15 House Democrats and some of their aides, the Post found that freshmen members from the suburbs still worry about raising taxes to pay for reform, while progressives are threatening to block any bill that does not include a public insurance option. Meanwhile, conservatives have kept Obama on the defensive and having to explain away provisions that are not even in the bills currently circulating, lamented Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.).

If a breakthrough is to occur, look to 80 Democratic members elected in the past three years on a platform of change to make it happen, according to the Post. If Obama can deliver a knockout speech on Wednesday and win their votes, he may have a bill ready to sign by Christmas, the paper reported.

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