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Biden Discusses Cuba, Venezuela in Interview With NBC 6

Democratic presidential candidate in one-on-one with NBC 6's Jackie Nespral

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Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden discussed Latin-American politics during a one-on-one interview with NBC 6 anchor Jackie Nespral.

Among the topics discussed was the frozen relationship between the United States and Cuba. In the last four years, the Trump administration has reversed many, if not all, Obama-era policies in relation to Cuba that were put in place in 2016. Some of these policies include placing restrictions on travel and tourism and cutting the staff in the U.S. Embassy in Cuba.

Biden said that if he is elected president, he will bring back those policies set by then President Obama and work to repair the relationship which has been on the rocks for more than 50 years.

“I am trying to reverse the failed Trump policies that have inflicted harm to Cubans and their families. He has done nothing to advance democracy and human rights," Biden said. "My plan, is to pursue a policy advancing interest and empowering the Cuban people to freely determine their own outcome and future.”

The crisis in Venezuela is also on the minds of many here in South Florida. Recently the president drew controversy from lawmakers, after saying he’d be open to meeting with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Biden called President Trump’s approach to Venezuela a failure and said if he wins the election this November, he would extend and provide temporary protected status for Venezuelans.

"It is an abject failure since he took office. Nicolás Maduro has gotten stronger, Venezuela's people are worse off, living in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. The country is no closer to a free election," Biden said. "Trump’s incoherent approach has eliminated international partners, has alienated partners and undermined the cause of democracy and his policy has failed to eliminate human suffering for millions of Venezuelan Americans.”

Catch the full interview this Sunday on NBC 6 Impact.

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