Lara Trump Stumps for Father-in-Law in Final Campaign Push

NBC Universal, Inc.

One of President Trump’s top surrogates, his daughter-in-law, made South Florida one of her final stops on the campaign trail.

“Donald Trump is bringing peace to the Middle East,” Lara Trump, the wife of the president's son Eric, told a gathering of supporters at Renaissance Ballrooms in West Miami. 

On Monday she delivered a closing argument to Trump’s faithful supporters, certain enthusiasm is on their side.

“I think people very clearly see that Donald Trump is a man that is fighting for them,” she said. “He does not take a salary every quarter, he has given up his livelihood, his family business that he created over a lifetime to be president.”

Trump’s message was hard hitting on Democrats and their nominee Joe Biden, warning of a downward turn for America is he’s elected. She touted the president’s economy and foreign policy.

Polls in important swing states, like Michigan and Wisconsin show former Vice President Biden leading, something Lara Trump addressed head on. 

“I wanna make sure you guys understand something, the polls are wrong," she said. "Ladies and gentlemen,  OK, we knew they were wrong in 2016. The silent majority is real.” 

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