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‘Disturbing to Watch': Mary Trump on the RNC

Mary Trump joined an MSNBC panel on Thursday

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President Donald Trump's wife and children spoke the first three nights of the Republican National Convention — and his niece showed up for the grand finale, NBC News reports.

Mary Trump, who wrote a devastating best-selling tell-all book about the president and his family, joined an MSNBC panel for the final night of the convention, where she mocked its portrayal of the president as a solid family man.

"The idea of passing him off like a great family man is like trying to pass him off as a great businessman," Trump said.

She said the convention has been "disturbing to watch" because of its efforts to portray the president as an empathetic person who cares about women. There's "so much evidence he doesn't care about other people" or even "people in the family," she said.

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