Ex-Clinton Aide Busted For Knife and Needle Prison Smuggle

Betsey Wright accused of trying to sneak tattoo needles, a knife, and box-cutters past Death Row security

The ex-aide to Bill Clinton who coined the term "bimbo eruptions" about her sex rumor-quashing job for Bubba's 1992 presidential campaign has been busted for trying to smuggle contraband onto Arkansas' death row.

Betsey Wright, 66, faces 51 felony charges for allegedly trying to sneak a small knife and 48 tattoo needles hidden in a Doritos bag past prison security, The Associated Press reported. The former chief of staff to Clinton during his years as Ark. governor was also found with sharpened tweezers hidden in a pen and a box-cutter, cops said. She denied all charges, and claimed that she found the tainted chips in a vending machine, according to reports.   

During Clinton's successful run for president, Wright's role as deputy campaign chair was to swat down rumors of her boss' philandering. Kathy Bates' character in the film "Primary Colors" is widely-thought to have been based on Wright, Politico points out.

Wright went on to become a Washington lobbyist and a death penalty opponent upon her return to Arkansas. 

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