FPL Needs Help in Buying Jet

One reason why it wants to increase your rates by 30 percent

Florida Power and Light wants to raise your rates so it can buy a new corporate jet that would be used by a handful of executives.

The $31 million dollar jet would replace a 10-year-old jet in its three-aircraft fleet, according to The Miami Herald.

Among the three-aircraft fleet is a helicopter that transports CEO Armando Olivera from his home in Miami to his office in Juno Beach.

The revelations were made Saturday in a hearing during which FPL is trying to persuade the Public Service Commission to authorize a $1.3 billion rate increase - about 30 percent per customer.

FPL spokesman Myco Villafana assured that customers would only be responsible for $13 million of the $31 million plane because the company plans to trade in the old plane for $18 million.

If the rate increase is approved, some of that money would also go toward the salaries of 42 executives, who average more than a million dollars a year.

The Public Service Commission, which regulates utility companies in Florida, will announce its decision in October.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the regulatory commission on the grounds that certain members had improper relationships with FPL executives.

It has already been revealed that the commission’s chief lobbyist, Ryder Rudd, attended a Kentucky Derby Party in the Palm Beach Gardens home of FPL executive Ed Tancer.

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