Grayson: My foe hired from Hooters

PITTSBURGH—Speaking at a Netroots Nation convention event Friday, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) had fun at the expense of the Republican incumbent he ousted in 2008.

The first-term congressman told an audience of progressive activists that he wasn’t impressed by the quality of former GOP Rep. Ric Keller’s campaign.

“I’m not the only one who has said since the election that my opponent did all his hiring at Hooters,” he said.

At a panel discussion on electing progressive candidates, Grayson also said “one of our more resourceful volunteers” spent several days working for his opponent and reported back that “they spent all their time flying paper clips at each other and watching porn on their computers.”

Grayson, who faced a competitive Democratic primary in 2008, did not specify which opponent his volunteer worked for.

A netroots favorite who holds a competitive Orlando-area seat, Grayson asserted that progressives should support Democrats of all kinds, not just liberals.

“When you make the decision of whom to support, bear in mind that this candidate is a Democrat,” he said. “We need more Democrats, every single kind of Democrat, than Republicans.”

“My perspective is that even Blue Dog Democrats vote more often with me than with Republicans,” Grayson said.

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