How Much Would You Pay for Karl Rove's House?

The right buyer would pounce on this priceless opportunity

Word has it that Bush strategy mastermind and numbers svengali Karl Rove is finally unloading his Washington home, nearly two years after he left his job in the White House. After all, once you've won your boss two presidential elections, secured your party both houses of Congress, and then seen both the presidency and Congress revert to the Democrats, what more is there to accomplish? It's called "going out on a high note," people!

Karl Rove has better things to do these days, anyway. Important, democracy-enhancing tasks, such as Twittering about all the creeps wearing Snuggies around his office. A man just can't divide his time between his sacred Twitter and wafting the scent of sulfur throughout his vast, deserted five-bedroom house. He has choices to make, and it's a wise one to concentrate on his career rather than managing real estate now that he has a swank vacation home in Florida and some sort of compound in a distant rural exurb of Austin.

So Karl Rove and his wife have wisely decided to get out of DC's Kent neighborhood forever. Now's the time, right? With the housing market being so awesome, he'll have no problem doubling his eight-year old investment.

The ideal buyer here? A true Rove-o-phile who appreciates wall-mounted deer heads, desires bathrooms galore, and can tolerate the sad ghost who rifles through the kitchen cabinets every night searching for the lost dream of a permanent Republican majority.

Real estate agent Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette.

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