House Votes to Admonish Wilson for “You Lie” Outburst

Representatives vote 240-179 on a resolution of disapproval

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives Tuesday voted to pass a resolution of disapproval against Republican Rep. Joe Wilson, whose "you lie" accusatory outburst during President Obama's speech to Congres about health care has split House members over the display of disrespect.

Democrats largely said Wilson's outburst was egregious and should be reprimanded while Republicans argued the resolution was hypocritical and a waste of time. The final vote, 240-179, reflected the divide over the issue.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said the interruption violated a "degree of civility and decorum that our rules and our democracy contemplate and require" while House Republican leader John Boehner fought back with the claim that the resolution was a "witchhunt."

Wilson himself refused to back down, saying the president had accepted his first apology -- and that the resolution was distracting lawmakers from "far more important issues."

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