Levi: I'd Pose Nude If the Price Was “Right”

Hockey hunk said he'd strip for the right cash

Teen dad Levi Johnston said he's willing to show what's in his, er, Levi's -- if the price is right.

The notorious hockey hunk and father of Sarah Palin's grandson said he would expose his beefy bod on the pages of magazine as long as he sees dollar signs.  

"It depends on the money, man," he said during an interview on Bravo TV. "It's gotta be right for that."

A day after Johnston said he was open to posing nude, erotic men's magazine Unzipped offered to put him on the cover and do a full nude photo layout.

"When Johnston revealed ... that he would pose nude if the money were right, the executives at Unzipped jumped," executive editor Rick Andreoli said in a company press release.

"This could clearly be a win-win for all involved," Andreoli said.

Levi, who spoke to Bravo's Andy Cohen last week, said he's been "thinking about" throwing his hat into the political ring. He is considering running for governor of Alaska

"Maybe one day," Levi said. "It sounds like a lot of fun" 

The teen dad said he is basking in all the new-found attention and he is enjoying life as the new "gay pin-up boy."

"I think it's great, man," he said. "I just like my fans. Just another person." 

Johnston made headlines most recently for his red carpet appearance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards when he brought comedian Kathy Griffin to the event as his date. 

As for "cougars" the would-be son-in-law said Sarah Palin is "not my favorite, no."

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