Obama to Tweak Health Care Pitch After Pummeling

President to conference with supporters

President Obama and his team will try to heal Democratic party rifts and regain momentum on health care reform with twin conference calls to supporters.

First, the president will speak with liberal faith organizations by phone today, where he is expected to make a moral case for support, according to the Wall Street Journal.

He will then hold a "live strategy meeting" Thursday with thousands of grass-roots supporters by phone and online. Obama will likely address what his aides described as unanticipated anger from within Democratic ranks over signals the president could accept a bill without a public insurance option, the Washington Post reported.

After a month under repeated Republican attack bolstered by raucous town halls, the Obama administration is also reportedly weighing whether to abandon its strategy of working with GOP lawmakers to craft a final health care bill when Congress returns from recess in September.   

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