U.S. Guards Gone Wild in Afghanistan

It was a "'Lord of the Flies' environment," a watchdog group says

The State Department is probing shocking allegations that guards at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan guzzled booze, engaged in hazing and hired hookers as attacks intensified in the capital city.

E-mails, photographs and interviews paint a sordid mosaic of a "'Lord of the Flies' environment" at the Kabul-based camp in which private security guards from the firm ArmorGroup downed vodka, stripped naked and harassed the locals during raucous parties, according to a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the nonprofit watchdog group Project on Government Oversight.

"These are very serious allegations and we are treating them that way," a state department spokesman said.

Clinton has "zero tolerance" for the behavior alleged by the watchdog group and ordered a "review of the whole system," the spokesman said.

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